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Lower Power mailing list

Back at rockwood music hall jan 23 9pm!!!

Ancestors of the Future to drop in 2022 stay tuned!

The text below was written right on the verge of the pandemic. Since then we’ve all gone thru a lot. Lower Power was lucky to have Teddy Kumpel join the band on guitar and we worked on new material that we are thrilled to bring to you soon!

New York City band Lower Power inhabits the lonely political edge of rock'n roll. Lower Power's first single, “All About Me,” (out 1.20.20 digitally on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp) rages with wild abandon against our narcissistic culture’s influence on society. The chorus goes “a b c d e f ME, h I j k ...” and you can guess the rest. The full album, “One Planet at a Time,” (drops 2.7.20) takes on the issues that continue to damage our world: the increase of gun violence, mental health, war, the status of women, the rise to power of the enemies of truth, economic inequality, and more. The entire record was recorded in an afternoon, taking an all- live approach and eschewing headphones.

Lower Power began when vocalist Pat D met producer/bassist Ben Rubin and guitarist Jon Heagle playing in a lucrative 80’s live karaoke band. Inspired by the result of the 2016 election, Pat had began to write political songs on acoustic guitar, often to help put his two young sons to bed. He asked Ben and Jon if they wanted to start a political rock band and they readily agreed. Right before the first rehearsal the drummer unexpectedly dropped out and Pat impulsively asked Konrad Meissner, whom he had just heard that night playing in a country band, if he wanted to join a punk rock band. He also said yes without hesitation. After a couple of rehearsals Konrad offered his space to record in, and in four hours all the tracks for “One Planet at a Time” were laid down. The band then moved over to Ben's studio, House of Cha Cha, for overdubs and mixdown. The band began playing out; a beautiful summer’s day show at Tompkins Square Park, and headlining a show at Coney Island Baby. They are currently preparing for the release of the single "All About Me" on 1.10.20 and the full album “One Planet at a Time” 2.7.20 on their own Buffalo Puppy Records label.